Last of the Record Buyers: Interview with Yakub (Video)

Ghostface – Together Baby (Produced by Yakub)

First off – I gotta give a big congrats to Yakub for his beat getting picked up by Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah. Even better – the track is the lead single off Ghostface’s ninth studio album Apollo Kids. The track titled “Together Baby” can be downloaded up top. Twin Cities stand up!

Download Yakub’s other beat tape here.

Stream the track here.

Ghostface Killah’s The Apollo Kids is available December 14th!

“Together Baby” – the first single off Ghostface Killah’s ninth studio album “Apollo Kids”, just hit the net. I got a chance to sit down with YAKUB – the 20 year-old Minneapolis native (& LRB regular) who crafted the beat.
Last of the Record Buyers (LRB) is for hip-hop producers and those who love them. Brought to you by Big Quarters & Fifth Element. Next Event: November 18th 2010 (and every third Thursday of the month at Fifth Element, 2411 Hennepin Ave S. – MPLS, MN)

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video by Medium Zach
music by Yakub (“Together Baby” Instrumental)

check him out:

Content Under Pressure #2 Info + Promo Video

In my opinion Content Under Pressure #1 was a great success. I’m really glad I checked it out. Some great MCs and producers came together to make a really solid event. So big props to Kevin Beachem and the Big Quarters guys for holdin it down. You can see some footage of the event in the promo video above.

So before you head off to the midnight showing of Bruno tonight make sure you head over to Fifth Element to check out Content Under Pressure #2. Here is all the info below.

Hope to see you all there!

If your to lazy to check it out or aren’t a reader in the Twin Cities – make sure you watch it over at the live stream!


VENUE: 5TH ELEMENT 2411 Hennepin Ave S Mpls, MN 55405
DATE: 7-9-09
TIME: 6 PM until 10:30 PM

Hosted By Toki Wright

-The Invited Artists:

1)PRODUCERS: GMO, Mike Swoop, Cory Grindberg, Baby Gracious &
2)MCS: Ibe, Yakub, Chantz, Prizm, & Truth Be Told

-The Event: On the day of the event the artists will be randomly put together and be given 3 hours to prepare a song to perform that same night. Artists will be set up at various tables in 5th Element and prepare their song with mobile production units and headphones. Customers/Fans will be able watch the whole process while shopping or just hanging out. It will also be streamed live on the internet. Producers can make a beat on the spot or bring a variety of beats for the MC to choose from, but should be able to “arrange” the track specifically for the event regardless. MCs can do a pre-written song (must be an unreleased song) or write on the spot but they can NOT freestyle.

-The Point: To show artists how to work in a high pressured situation that could require being prepared to collaborate other artists with limited time. A situation similar to the one presented at Red Bull Academy as well as what could occur in real life situations. Plus give the rising talent an opportunity to do what the do best in a public setting to help encourage networking and promotions.

-Oh yeah, there will be one “SPECIAL” artist pairing with two key local Minneapolis artists as an added bonus! I can’t announce them or then they would know who they are working with….:)


The only way to apply for the Redbull Music Academy is come to the event and get an application/CD!

Just in case, for those that don’t know, Red Bull Music Academy is a pretty cool venture. There’s a lot to it but basically every year the academy accepts applications from musicians of all types, varying ages, varying degrees of success (unknown to established), all walks of life, and all of the world. It’s a lengthy process but they go thru it and pick the top applicants for that years “academy”. If accepted the artists all go to special location together (they’ve gone to London, Barcelona, etc…) and do various workshops, lectures, recording, performances, etc… They have special guest like Chuck D, Dennis Coffey, etc… give lecture and also work in the studio with the applicants. It’s a pretty amazing program, check out more info here:

Kevin Beacham

Last of the Record Buyers presents: Content Under Pressure – Thursday, June 25th

Well it has been a slow rainy day here in Minnesota – so I’ll bring some sunshine to everyones day and inform you about a fantastic event going on tomorrow here in Minneapolis. This concept is crazy – the homie Kevin Beacham of Rhymesayers and Redefinition Radio over at 89.3 The Current does a better job at explaining the event than I ever will so I’ll leave it to him in the video below. But basically 7 great producers get paired with 7 great MCs. They get the day to perfect a song and will then perform it for everybody over at the Institute of Production and Recording. Ya Dig?

This event is FREE and all ages! I think I’m going to have to check this out.

THE MCS: Abstract Rude, M.anifest, St Paul Slim, Carnage, New MC, Sims, & Felipe Cuauhtli
THE PRODUCERS: Blueprint, Medium Zach, O-D, Katrah-Quey, Benzilla, X:144 & Big Cats!